by Burn False Idols

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released May 26, 2013

Recorded and Mixed by Brette Ciamarra @ Studio 344



all rights reserved


Burn False Idols Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Heavycore band from Central PA

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Track Name: Brotherhood
We are the Lions

We are the Chosen Ones

We are the Lifeline

We are the Fallen Ones

Go unto this world and spread his love

Show one another what its like to care,for one another

There is no fear in love, You will be stronger

Perfection drives out the fear,as you get older

Making the right choice,Will build your future

And help you build up your soul

Lay down your life,for your brother

Without a second thought

Share with the ones that may be needing

Let your actions speak words

Don't Live your life,loving with words

But use your actions

Don't live your life,loving with words

"Let Your Love Shine Thru"
Track Name: Time
This is the bitter ending

Of all your wasted time

You're left with no meaning

No mercy for the blind

You've spent your whole life

Collecting, what you thought

Was important

How can this be

And why can't they see

That there time is running out

Their precious seconds are counting down

How does it feel

To live like a king

And to die with nothing, to die with nothing

I hope you know that you can't take anything with you when you die

So all the effort you put into your useless things was a waste of time


You think you know the truth

And have the key to life

The truth is you don't have a clue

To fix your own life

(2x)(Alex is the 2nd time)

What will you think

When you stare at your reflection

Do you see that empty hole

Where your heart should of been

Pretty soon your well will run dry

And you will struggle, fighting to survive

You've put more love in to your bank

Than you put into family

You say that money buys you happiness

But it'll never, buy more time

And when your life has gone full circle

You will realize, that you

Wasted life

You wasted your life

You bought but went broke

Cause you spent your time

Tear it down
Track Name: Rebirth
I'm not afraid to face the devil

No matter what he's started

I'm fighting for my father

I'm gonna pay it forward, and crush all his evil

And there is nothing more that i would like to do

Destroy your existence

Every time I turn around

I feel a different feeling, in my body

Always trying to bring me down

Your like a predator preying on the weak

I am always fighting with myself

Or am i fighting with the one that tries to control my thoughts

You've pushed me to the ledge

But i am stable

My feet are on solid ground

I am reborn

The blood of the lamb shall lead

The darkness from me

I cannot see

Without your light, your light leads me


I am lost in the dark no more

I will not fall for the temptation

He was faced with the same seduction

But never caved with a faith reduction

I am reborn

I am reborn


Father lead me

Track Name: Pride
We are taught at a younger age

That we can be anything that we want to be

And with some blood, sweat and tears

We can reach our goals, without any fears


Does that change


Does your perception of life get erased

So come around and pass your judgement on me

Cause no one cares what you have to say

Just keep your thoughts and your views to yourself

Cause your intent,was never to help someone else

Just cut the flow of criticism

Just cut the flow

Run away as fast as you can

to get away from infectious man

They'll torch your thoughts, and burn your common sense

Don't ever think that you can think for yourself


This is where we make our stand


This is where we judge, our-self

We.... need to.... judge our...selves


This is where we open our eyes

and keep our mouths shut

We should just, shut.... our....mouth.....

Don't ever say a word, don't try and speak your mind

Cause human thoughts are just self inflicted pride

Track Name: Screams
There's a million screaming voices

Crying out for help

Will you be the one to be there

Or will you look away

Every one is so busy trying to find their next big thrill

Just look around you, at all the help there is to give

You shouldn't have to think twice

When there's extended hands

Cause they are reaching out

For a second chance

Don't think about the motives

Or what you'll gain inside

And just for once, think about

Another beings life

Cover your eyes

Cover your eyes

So you don't have to see the pain inside

Cover your eyes

Cover your eyes

Cause in your head everything is fine

The world is dying around you

Do you even care

Just because you can't hear them

Doesn't mean their not there

Just turn around

And walk away

You weren't born with a heart

To act, this way

You're nothing but a coward

Deep in your mind

It's time to make amends

And step up this time

And i'd like to see

That future generations, get their shots

Because of what they were taught

That it's better to give

Than turn your head
And just ignore

Lets show them the way

Lets show them the way
Track Name: Death
The sun never shinned, brighter

Than that day

But the darkness came, slowly

Filling the air

I never thought I'd see the day (I never thought I'd see the day)

I never thought I'd see you take your last breathe

You were so strong (you were so strong)

And your will could never be broken

But you will never have to feel that pain again (pain again)

So rest easy

My friend

The darkness comes for every man

Whether your ready or not (whether your ready or not)

So just be sure and be thankful

For every second you've got (for every second you've got)

As we form around the bed

I can feel her thoughts

One last breathe taken

And silence

I can't stand to see that look on her face

She's lost her everything

And it breaks

It breaks my heart

You've spent your whole life

Caring for everyone else

Never once thinking

About yourself


I can only prey

That the world would have the love

That you bear everyday

Always giving more

Than you've ever wanted to receive

You've restored hope

Into what i believe

You give me faith

In this dying world

You've restored hope

Into my black heart


You give me hope

You give me faith